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FAQ/Break Rules

What is a Group Break?

*A group of people share a case of cards by dividing up the product in a pre determined method such as Random Teams, Pick Your Teams, or Drafted Teams

*How do I join a break?

Choose the box or case that interests you, grab a team or a spot in a random team break!

*When does my break happen?

The Break Will Take Place Once All The Spots Have Filled
We Aim to breaks once they are filled Monday thru Friday starting at 7 PM EST.

*When do I get my cards?

Cards are sorted and will be sleeved, toploaded within 3 business days of the break.  We Tend To Aim To Have All Cards Shipped On Each Tuesday Or Sooner

*What cards do I get?

- All hits, jerseys, patches, autographs, rookies, inserts and #d cards that come out for your team will be shipped to you.   No base veteran cards will be shipped unless otherwise noted.

*Where can I watch the break?

Breaks Can Be Viewed Live on Tampabaywaxbreaks Youtube Page,, or Our FaceBook Group

*I missed the live break, how can I watch it?

All breaks are uploaded right after completion of the break on our YouTube channel.  

*Types of breaks

These are the standard formats and rules that we use for our group breaks.

Random Team Group Break Rules

  • After all spots are full for the break, names and teams are entered into a list randomizer

  • The lists will be randomized 5 Times For Any Type Of Break. Once the lists have been randomized, both lists are copied onto a spreadsheet and matched by number.

  • Your name will be on the left column and your team will be on the right column.

  • All hits, jerseys, patches, autographs, rookies, inserts and #d cards that come out for your team will be shipped to you.

Other Group Break Rules

  • During the hosted breaks, there will be plenty of time to trade teams amongst each other or trade for the teams that are out of the break.

  • Both trades and sales must be confirmed to the group break host.

  • When a card is pulled that has multiple players on it that is #'d, it gets randomized at the end of the break between the teams on the card that are in the break.

  • Although highly recommended, you do not have to be present to participate in a live break. All breaks are archived on our website and may be viewed at a later date.

  • Many breaks are filled before the actual break date. Please sign up for or email newsletter in order to get the most up-to-the-minute information. You may also want to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for information and special contests and promotions.

  • By purchasing a slot or team in a group break, you are acknowledging that there is no guarantee that you will receive any particular card, or cards for your slotted team, or teams.

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